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WilsonPro 4000R Enterprise Cellular System

Enterprise Cellular Connectivity with New WilsonPro 4000R


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The WilsonPro 4000R is the first rack mounted, cell booster to merge four separate signal amplifiers feeding four indoor antennas.

The 4000R literally delivers the power of four boosters in a single rack mount unit, and provides cellular coverage for up to 100,000 square feet of indoor space, or even more depending on the strength of the incoming signal from the tower.

The WilsonPro 4000R is the first rack mounted, FCC-certified cell booster to incorporate four separate signal amplifiers feeding multiple indoor antennas. The 4000R literally delivers the power of four boosters in a single rack mount unit.

The 4000R design provides enhanced building cellular coverage inside all large commercial spaces, including office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and warehouses, the WilsonPro 4000R amplifies weak wireless signals to give reliable voice and data coverage to inside spaces where signals may not penetrate. It amplifies signals used for cell phone calls as well as 3G and 4G Internet. The amplifier's adjustable uplink and downlink gain controls on each band make it easy to customize the cell phone booster for any specific signal environment.

Like all WilsonPro cellular signal boosters, the WilsonPro 4000R features cell site protections that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference.

  • Covers Up To 100,000 Sq Ft
  • Rack Mount Design
  • 4 Amplifiers Built In
  • Supports Cell Phone Calls, 3G & 4G Internent
  • Comes With 4 Inside Antennas

The Right Antennas for The Right Applications

Because every job is a little different, WilsonPro has expanded its antenna offerings. Our newest antennas, the wideband Outdoor Omni Donor and the wideband Indoor Dome, receive and transmit signal in a 360° pattern and are compatible with the 698 – 2700 MHz frequency ranges.



Easy rack-mounted installation

The 4000R fits into existing server racks. This design allows for a neat and clean installation while leaving the unit easily accessible

Onboard Software for Better Control

Each indoor antenna path is independently and automatically controlled with onboard software, ensuring great connectivity throughout large spaces and multi-story buildings. Since all ports are independently controlled, each can adjust its gain level up or down as required by the conditions of the immediate signal environment without disrupting coverage from any other antenna.

Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) For Continuous Connectivity

Gives the 4000R greater tolerance than any competing booster for a strong incoming signal from the tower. XDR lets the 4000R system work with an incoming signal up to 10 dB stronger than any competing booster can tolerate, before overloading and shutting down.

Color LCD for Easier Access

Unlike other boosters, the Wilson 4000R has a color LCD screen with four-way navigation, allowing integrators to have easy and effective control of the product.


Highest Downlink Power

Up to +12dB more downlink power than the competition allows for stronger signal in environments where the incoming signal is weak,. The benefit is a stronger signal sent to the inside antennas, providing larger coverage area from a single booster.

Highest Uplink Power

This allows for a stronger signal transmitted to the tower, up to +3dB more than the competition, providing greater user capacity and increased range from the cell site.

Lower Overload and Shutdown Threshold

This allows the booster to work with a stronger incoming signal, up to +10dB stronger, before overloading and shutting down. This is a huge benefit in strong signal environments like cities and locations close to a carrier tower.

Intelligent Control

WilsonPro cellular boosters automatically adjust signal gain while still providing even signal coverage throughout the building.

Sophisticated Software

Cellular signals are constantly fluctuating. The software is always monitoring signal levels and making immediate adjustments as needed, allowing the booster to work at greatest gain consistently.