Solar Power & Cellular Amplifiers

Solar Power & Cellular Amplifiers

solar power signal boosters



We have occasional inquiries regarding the compatibility of Solar Power sources such as in off the grid homes and other buildings with cellular amplifier equipment. Here are some helpful information regarding off-the-grid use of Wilson Signal Boosters.

Voltage Control - Generally, solar power systems produce DC voltage using a process known as "switching", a manner which is more efficient than conventional means. It makes the amplifiers run cooler, which is better. 

DC Voltage - The power going to a Wilson amplifier should be regulated. Wilson amplifiers will handle any regulated voltage between 5V and 20V without an issue, however Wilson recommends supplying the amp with the voltage specified on the amplifier unit itself (usually 6V or 12V).  This will ensure proper heat dissipation, which results in the most reliable functionality and maximum longevity of the unit.

Power Consumption - Depending on how much boost is needed in your location (based on tower signal strength) Repeaters can consume up to 15W/30W at 6V/12V, depending on which amplifier model is being used. Consider this with regards to your power system's battery reserve capacity.