Mobile Signal Improvement FAQ

Mobile Signal Improvement FAQ

car with signal booster systemWe offer a wide variety of options for improving your cell service signal while on the road. We've gathered some frequently asked questions on signal improvement for cars, trucks, RVs and portable for use in vehicles and home or office. We can improve cell service for Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Nextel, SouthenLinc and others.

Installation of these types of systems is easy. Most come as a complete system that includes everything you need to improve cellular service on the go.

Mobile Wireless Signal Improvement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of cellular service improvement options are available to install in my vehicle?

Here are 3 basic options for improving cellular service inside a vehicle:

  • Directly connect an antenna to your phone
  • Directly connect an antenna and amplifier to your phone
  • Wireless repeater type system that does not connect to your phone

How do I connect an external antenna to my phone or data card?

Probably the most bang for the buck signal improvement is attaching an external antenna directly to your cell phone or cellular data card. The down side is that you are tethered to a cable. One challenge is that most of today's cell phones do not come with a usable RF port that you can attach and antenna too. So you are limited to a few newer phones or an older, maybe refurbished phone. In these situations, a wireless system that does not require a connection to your device is better.

Cellular data cards can see cellular service improvement with an external antenna as well. Visit our Cellular Internet Signal Improvement page for more information.

How do wireless repeater type systems work?

Wireless repeater type systems work by taking the signal outside, amplifying the signal, then rebroadcasting the signal inside.

A cellular repeater system consists of 3 major components:

  • Outside Antenna
  • Cellular Amplifier
  • Inside Antenna

You can look at it as the outside antenna sends the signal to and from your service providers tower and the inside antenna does the same with your cellular device. The cell signal is amplified in both directions by a bi-directional cellular amplifier.

Can I use the same signal booster in my car and in my building?

You can use a short range signal booster in your car and building however you will only be able to improve your cellular signal over a small area (1-10 feet).

A typical cellular signal amplifier requires an outside antenna, amplifier and an inside antenna. The challenge with this type of system is that if the inside and outside antennas are too close together, you get signal oscillation between the two antenna instead of getting the signal from your service providers tower. A good amplifier will shut down when it senses oscillation so as not to negatively affect other users on the tower. If you used an amplifier strong enough to cover a building, you could never get enough antenna separation in side even a very large vehicle.

Is there an amplifier I can walk around with to improve my signal?

There are smaller, more compact, mobile signal improvement systems that allow you to travel easier and use in your car, truck, home, office, hotel room, etc however they all require a power source and a certain amount of separation between the inside and outside antennas.

Is there one system that will improve service for multiple providers like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers?

A dual band cellular booster will cover most providers in the US and Canada including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other smaller providers. Separate iDen signal booster systems are available for iDen networks like Nextel, SouthernLinc, BoostMobile and MIKE.

Is there a system that is installed inside my vehicle but covers me outside as well (say my construction site for example)?

Unfortunately no. The idea of a rolling cell tower is a good one though.