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AT&T Unite / Unite Pro Ext Antenna/Adapter Kit

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Short Description

Antenna Kit for AT&T Unite and AT&T Unite Pro Hotspots

  • Product Description

    External Antenna Kit for AT&T Unite and AT&T Unite Pro Mobile Hot Spots. Kit comes with Wilson's dual band, magnetic mount antenna and external antenna adapter that fits the AT&T Unite & Unite Pro HotSpots. Use to attach an external antenna directly to your cell phone or mobile broadband device. The external antenna adapter consists of a 18 to 20 inch cable with a connector crimped to each end. One end connects to the RF port on your device. The other connector end attaches to your cellular antenna cable connector. Attaching an external antenna directly to your cell phone or mobile broadband device can improve cellular signal reception by changing the radiation pattern (or gain) of your device. An external antenna also allows you to move the antenna to where the signal is better such as out side a car or building window. With cell phones, getting the antenna away from your head can also better your signal as your head can block signal.

    Antenna Ports

    The AT&T Unite has 2 antenna ports (See Picture). You can connect an antenna to 1 port or use both ports for better reception in many areas.

    About the Wilson Magnetic Mount Antenna

    The Wilson Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna is a dual band magnetic mount antenna that is about 12 inches tall and includes a small magnetic base. It comes with 10 feet of RG-174U (thin) coax cable with FME Female connector. (301103).

    Works with Sierra Wireless 770s Mobile HotSpot, AT&T Unite Mobile Hotspot, Netgear 781S, AT&T Unite Pro

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Does not seem to do anything

      I live on a boat and have poor reception inside the boat. Was hoping by putting this antenna outside the boat it would help my reception. I can tell no difference in signal when I plug in the antenna. As far as I can tell, this does not actually do anything. on 10th Nov 2016

    2. It actually works

      My wife and I often go to a remote location for camping and the area is on the edge of a service sector. We usually would only get one bar of signal strength. With the antenna connected to the hot spot the signal was increased to three bars. I made a difference in signal quality. A drop in signal was noticeable when the antenna was disconnected from the device. Overall a positive experience. on 20th Aug 2015

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