Splitters Taps Attenuators Filters

Splitters Taps Attenuators Filters

Attenuators: Reduce Signal Power

RF Attenuators reduce the signal power without changing the signal's wave form. For cellular amplifier systems, they are typically used in install situations where the outside signal is too strong and you cannot get enough separation between the inside and outside antenna.

Note that attenuation factor is expressed in decibels (db).

Signal Splitters, Antenna & Amplifier Combiners, Filters & Taps

Signal splitters, combiners and taps are used to split up a signal.

  • Use a signal splitter to split a signal to two or more different antennas in equal amounts.
  • Use a combiner to combine 2 outside antennas into one amplifier. For example, you can combine one 800MHz Yagi with a 1900MHz Yagi antenna into one dual band amplifier. Can also be used to combine 2 single band amplifiers to one dual band inside antenna.
  • Use a Tap as a splitter that will send unequal amounts of signal to two antennas. Use when application calls for more signal in one area than another.
  • Use a Filter to reduce a strong signal from a nearby tower that may be overpowering an amplifier.