Ventev EcoCHARGE MiniUSB Phones

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  • Ventev EcoCHARGE MiniUSB Phones
  • Ventev EcoCHARGE MiniUSB Phones
  • Ventev EcoCHARGE MiniUSB Phones


Green, energy efficient cell phone charger. Works with Mini USB chargeable phones from BlackBerry, Motorola and others.

Ventev EcoCHARGE - for Mini USB Chargeable Devices

The Energy Star® certified Ventev EcoCHARGE phone charger for MiniUSB chargeable devices is the most advanced and energy-efficient travel charger on the market. The ecoCHARGE is engineered & designed for the most demanding user in mind, the EcoCHARGE not only delivers a compelling range of travel friendly technology innovations, but it also provides charging power only when needed, making it the most advanced "green" charger available today.

No Waste - Only Draws Power When You Need It!

Unlike other cell phone chargers, EcoCHARGE only draws required power when your device is attached and needs charging. When the LED light is off then EcoCHARGE is active. When the LED light is ON, your device is charging and only then are you drawing electricity.

Charges: Mini USB chargeable devices from BlackBerry, Motorola and others.

The EcoCHARGE cell phone MiniUSB charger uses less energy than other chargers in the market, making it 10 times more efficient! Decreasing the usage of electricity is just one way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. The EcoCHARGE is ENERGY STAR® certified and receives the highest rating allotted for cell phone chargers.

This advanced charger has a hidden USB port for charging two devices at once. The USB output meets the USB specifications and therefore is universal and can charge USB compatible devices.

  • The lowest "stand by" power draw on the market
  • Dual Charging capabilities with additional USB port
  • Only draws required power when a devices is attached and needs charging
  • Collapsible prongs and a 90 degree locking swivel cord make it portable and flexible
  • Designed with a slim profile that conveniently leaves other outlets unblocked when plugged into a power strip
  • Comfortable side grips make it easy to pull out of the outlet
  • LED interface indicated when charging is activated
  • Input Voltage - 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Outputs: 5V DC, 1A (total)
  • Cord Length - 62"
  • ENERGY STAR® certified

The EcoCHARGE is extremely intelligent, engineered to detect and respond to even the smallest signals coming from a connected device.  Because the EcoCHARGE is built to deliver only the power necessary for charging, it must be able to communicate intelligently with the device's software and battery.  This performance monitoring function can sometimes cause the EcoCHARGE LED to blink or pulse, or remain on even after a device indicates full charge.

Some smart phones and other mobile devices are designed to protect their batteries and maximize battery life. Their batteries periodically reach out to the power source, even after the mobile device itself indicates a full charge.  This causes the EcoCHARGE to briefly increase its power usage, as indicated by the LED.

Please keep in mind that environmental factors such as excessive heat, battery age, and handset activity may also impact EcoCHARGE performance.  To maximize the performance of the EcoCHARGE travel charger and to be more environmentally friendly, please follow these steps:

  • Always power down your device during charging
  • Whenever possible, charge device in a room temperature environment
  • Monitor life and behavior of your battery and replace when necessary.  When disposing of batteries, please follow manufacturer and local environmental and regulatory guidelines.
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