Ventev EcoCHARGE For 30 Pin iPhones & iPods Apple Certified

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  • Ventev EcoCHARGE For 30 Pin iPhones & iPods
  • Ventev EcoCHARGE For 30 Pin iPhones & iPods Apple Certified
  • Ventev EcoCHARGE For 30 Pin iPhones & iPods Apple Certified
  • Ventev EcoCHARGE For 30 Pin iPhones & iPods Apple Certified

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The Ventev EcoCHARGE Wall Charger is the most advanced, energy-efficient travel charger on the market. Engineered and designed for the most demanding user in mind, the EcoCHARGE not only delivers a compelling range of travel friendly technology innovations, but it also provides charging power only when needed, making it the most advanced “green” charger available today.

Charges 2 devices At One Time

The EcoCHARGE has a capture cord that charges the users cell phone or mobile device. The EcoCHARGE also has a secondary USB Type A Female output jack that can charge a 2nd mobile device via that device’s USB charging cord. 

  • Apple MFI/WWI Certified 30-Pin Connector
  • The USB output meets the USB specifications and therefore is universal and can charge USB compatible devices.

Power Strip Friendly design

The EcoCHARGE is designed in a vertical configuration instead of a horizontal (flat) configuration. This means its slim-profile design conveniently fits into any power strip or wall outlet without covering other outlets. Unlike other wall/travel chargers on the market, the EcoCHARGE only uses and covers its own outlet, leaving other outlets fully available.

Travel Friendly Size and Design

  • Extremely compact size and light weight, minimizing bulk
  • Folding prongs for easy storage
  • Pivot door over USB protects USB port from dust and debris when not in use.
  • Comfortable side grips assist user when extracting the EcoCHARGE from the wall or power strip.

Eliminate Unnecessary Standby Power Draw When Not Charging

  • The EcoCHARGE consumes 10 times less energy in standby mode than standard chargers on the market today.
  • Standby mode occurs when the EcoCHARGE is plugged in and a device is not present or a device connected is not requiring a charge. Standby power consumption is also called no load power consumption or vampire power draw in the industry.
  • The EcoCHARGE consumes less than 0.03W in standby (no load) mode. This is 10x better than the US EPA Energy Star 0.3W no load consumption requirement, and more than 10x better than the industry 0.5W no load requirement. For further customer confidence, note that the EcoCHARGE also surpasses the proposed 5 Star European Union no load power consumption Energy efficiency Index, which means the EcoCHARGE is ready for any proposed future no load power consumption requirement in the industry.
  • This means that unlike conventional cell phone chargers on the market today, the user can confidently leave the EcoCHARGE plugged into a wall outlet or a power strip and know that the EcoCHARGE is not wasting precious energy since it is essentially shut off when not charging.

Energy Star Certified

  • The EcoCHARGE is Energy Star Certified
  • Meets Level V requirements in the External Power Supply International Efficiency Marking Protocol under the EPA Energy Star v2.0 requirement for cell phone travel chargers.

Works with 30 Pin iPhones and iPods

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