Turtleback Vertical Leather Pouch Black Heavy Duty BeltClip XLN10

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Why Buy This?:
You need a durable, heavy duty, leather pouch to protect your device. Your device will fit a pouch with internal dimensions 6.20 x 3.10 x 0.73 inches
  • Turtleback Extra Large  Vertical Leather Pouch
  • Turtleback  Extra Large Case
  • Turtleback  XL Leather Case
  • Turtleback  XL Leather Case
  • Samsung Note 10  Pouch
  • Belt Clip Mount
  • Belt Clip
  • Turtleback Case Replacement HD Metal Belt Clip
  • Turtleback Metal J Belt Clip  1.75in
  • Turtleback Metal J Belt Clip For Belts Up To 2.25in


Turtleback Extra Large Leather Pouch

Transport your smart device with care as you place it on your belt using this Turtleback heavy duty leather pouch. The pouch is made of durable leather and specially designed to fit phones with dimensions up to 6.20 x 3.10 x 0.73 inches.

The soft lining of the case comfortably cushions device and protects it from abrasions, bumps, and scratches. Both the interior and exterior are dirt and dust-resistant. 

Heavy Duty Rotating Belt Clip

Using the heavy duty rotating metal belt clip, you can position your device in any way you want - securing your device safely for all activities. You can place it vertically for easy access or conceal it under your top by laying it horizontally. This is highly suitable for professionals who are always on the go such as engineers, architect, construction workers, military, and police and law enforcement officers.


  • Interior Dimensions: 6.20 x 3.10 x 0.73 in
  • Premium leather bonded with polymers for dirt resistance and durability
  • Durable Metal Heavy Duty Rotating Belt Clip
  • Soft Interior Felt Fabric Protects Screen & Body
  • Easy Release Rare-Earth Magnetic Closure
  • Ergonomic design for the perfect fit

*Designed and manufactured in the USA

Case Fits

We have estimated that this pouch will fit the following devices. Please double check the dimensions of your device especially if you have any case, shell or skin on it. Fits devices measuring 6.20 x 3.10 x 0.73 inches


Note 10 (2019), Galaxy A51, Galaxy M21, Galaxy S20

Motorola Moto E6s, Moto G Power (2020), Moto G Stylus

Sony Xperia L4


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