weBoost Videos

weBoost Videos

weBoost is a new name in cellular signal boosters. It's a rebranding of Wilson Electronics - the leader in cell signal boosters, antennas and components. weBoost makes cellular signal improvement products for voice and mobile Internet including 3G and 4G Internet boosters for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others. We have some videos to help introduce the weBoost signal booster product line.

weBoost eqo Home Cell Phone Signal Booster Video

The weBoost eqo Home Cell Phone Signal Booster is scheduled for release in March 2016.



weBoost Mobile

If you travel in your car, truck, RV, Boat, Bus or Van you know you are bound to find areas that lack enough cellular signal to make calls or surf the Internet. That's where weBoost comes in. They make a great line of mobile signal boosters that meets everyone's needs and budget. From the affordable Drive S series which can improve cell signal to one device up to the more powerful Drive M series which can boost the signal for multiple devices inside your vehicle, weBoost has all the bases covered.






weBoost Building

Do you have challenges with getting a good cell signal inside your home or office? weBoost has got you covered with a multiple number of options. Small areas, large areas and everything in between.

weBoost starts with the affordable Home signal booster series. They are perfect for smaller areas such as 1 or 2 rooms inside a home. Great for home office, den, rec areas and living areas. They also work great in small work areas and workshops.

For midsized areas, consider the weBoost Connect 3G & Connect 4G series. This series if perfect for the average sized home or small office. Of course this series is available in 3G models for those that are just concerned with voice calling and occasional 3G Internet and 4G model for those requiring voice calls and 4G Internet.

For larger areas, weBoost has the Connect X series. If you just need to boost your cell signal for voice calls, consider the Connect 3G-X & Connect 4G-X for your building. To add 4G Internet, consider the Connect 4G-X. These cellular repeater systems are made for larger homes, offices, warehouses, multi story buildings, etc.

Custom Cellular Repeater Systems

Need coverage in an extra large building, multiple stories, apartment complexes, warehouses, etc? We can help design a cellular signal booster system that can cover it all. Feel free to contact us with your requirements.