Panorama External Cellular Antenna Kit 3G

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Sprint Franklin Wireless U600, Franklin Wireless CDU680, AT&T LG Adrenaline & Turbo AD600 antenna kit. Includes Panaroma 3G antenna External Antenna adapter. CRC9


Antenna Kit - Includes External Antenna Adapter and Panaroma 3G Antenna.

About the Panorama Antenna

The Panorama mobile broadband antenna is a multiband, omni directional cellular antenna.Panorama is a world leader with over 50 years experience in manufacturing antenna solutions.

This external antenna kit works with Sprint Franklin Wireless U600, Franklin Wireless CDU680, AT&T LG Adrenaline  & Turbo AD600 as well as many other mobile wireless data devices.

Features and benefits of this product include:

  • Multiband antenna works on 850/900/1800/1900/2100MHz networks
  • Omni-directional radition pattern ensures performance will not be affected by the direciton antenna is facing.
  • Includes Universal Clip for attaching to Laptop Screen
  • Includes Deskstand base.

The Panorama TCLIP2-C3G antenna hides a powerful and effective antenna designed to significantly improve signal strength and transfer speeds for data connections. Simply connect the antenna to your cell phone, data card or USB modem (adapter may be required, not included) and experience the difference immediately. Whether in the office or out of it the antenna adapts to every situation: featuring a desk stand and a screen clip combined in one innovative package.

Antenna Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 805-894, 890-960, 1710-1880, 1900-2170
  • Operational Bands: GSM850 / CDMA850, GSM900, GSM1800, PCS1900, 3G UMTS
  • Gain: Isotropic: 2dBi
  • Compared to 1/4 wave: 0dB
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Pattern:Omni Directional
  • Impedance: 50ohm
  • Max Input Power (W): 10
  • Length: 5.6in. (142mm)
  • Width: .55in. (14mm)
  • Material: Engineering plastic
  • Operating Temp (C): -40 /+80deg
  • Color: Black
  • Cable Type: RG-174
  • Length: 19 inches (.5m)
  • Termination: FME Female
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