Motorola i680/i686 Brute AdvanceCommunicator

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AdvanceCommunicator by AdvanceTec Desktop Station for Motorola i680 / i686 Brute.

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Motorola i680/i686 Desktop Hands Free Station

The AdvanceCommunicator™ operates with Motorola i680 Brute phones by converting these handsets into a convenient stand-alone Base Station/Desktop Speakerphone. The AdvanceCommunicator™ Motorola i680 hands free station provides benefits to members of various market segments, specifically the Public Sector, Transportation, and Healthcare industries. Users can communicate through a built-in speaker and microphone or an attached privacy handset.

A built-in rapid charging facility ensures the Motorola Brute is ready for use when removed from the cradle.

AdvanceCommunicator Features

  • Hands-free / Handset Operation
  • Rapid Battery Charging
  • Recording Facility for Dispatch and Cellular calls

*SHIPPING NOTE - 2-4 WEEKS: Please note that AdvanceTec products not in stock can take 2-4 Weeks to Ship. Many items are custom assembled when ordered. Once we receive your order, we will contact you with an estimate of shipping date. Please feel free to Contact Us with any availability questions.

Call Recording

The AdvanceCommunicator allows the recording of cellular and PTT calls (private and group calls), by connecting a recording device to the 3.5mm recording jack located on the back of the AdvanceCommunicator™ base, just below the power socket.

Using the recording jack will allows you:

  • To record incoming and outgoing private and group calls
  • To record only incoming phone calls (only the person on the other side of the line).

System Requirements:

  • External Recording Device
  • 3.5mm Stereo Plug
  • 2-wire Analog Cable


  • Dimensions: One unit: 7.5x6.0x6.0 inch
  • Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Power: 110AC to 12VDC (800mA), 2.5mm Barrel Plug, Center Positive
  • Regulatory approvals: FCC CE
  • Motorola i680 Brute Desktop Station Hands Free
  • AT3066A
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