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WilsonPro CellLinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter for Site Surveys 910055

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  • Wilson LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter For Site Surveys 910055
  • LinQ Pro Signal Meter App
  • LinQ Pro Signal Meter App
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  • LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter With Hard Case
  • Wilson 910055 LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter
  • LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter
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  • LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter USB Cable
  • LinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter Hard Case
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WilsonPro CellLinQ Pro Cellular Signal Meter + App

    The Ultimate Pre Installation Site Survey Tool For Cellular Signal Booster Systems

State-of-the-art engineering enables access to accurate information required to effectively design, install and validate performance for various types of cellular amplifier systems, all at the touch of a button.

WilsonPro Cell LinQ is the first meter + app cellular signal survey tool created specifically for the DAS & Passive DAS, M2M, Cellular Networking or Cellular IoT professional requiring comprehensive and flexible network analysis. The Cell LinQ signal meter +app is a two part testing system consisting of a robust and powerful signal meter accompanied by a downloadable app for use on any smart handheld or tablet style device. The meter is used to scan, retrieve and export data from surrounding cell towers to the Cell LinQ app. The app collects, organizes and displays the information for the user to evaluate. The purpose of this tool is to provide any professional integrator or installer that designs and installs cellular repeater systems, M2M products or any other cellular based system an efficient, accurate and simple survey tool.

3G/4G/LTE Site Survey System

The LinQ meter + app works in tandem with the meter and allows you to view, tune and store 3G and 4G tower data and carriers. A survey is performed by linking the Cell LinQ meter to the Cell LinQ app via Bluetooth on either an iOS or Android supported device.

How It Works

The Cell LinQ meter + app is a two part system that communicates via Bluetooth connection. The meter goes to work seeking all available cellular tower information with range of its antenna when the scan button is pressed on the app. A typical scan can take anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds to complete. Once the meter has completed its scan, the app takes over from there. A “snapshot” of scan details are organized and displayed. Towers are located, Geo mapped and pinned based on carrier ID and location. Individual tower or list view of results are available to view as well.

What Is In A Scan?

image of linq pro signal meter screensAs a scan is completing, color coded pins will begin to populate on the map screen until finished. Each color of pin represents a corresponding carrier. AT&T = Blue, Verizon = Red etc. From the map view, a single cell can be selected and its corresponding data displayed or results can be displayed in a list view. Each cell located will show both Signal Strength (RSRP) and Signal Quality (RSRQ) for 4G or RSCP and EC/IO for 3G values from the time the scan was performed. A signal quality bar is displayed to provide a quick reference to help select the best cell available. Carrier ID, Band, Generation, DL Frequency, MNC/MCC Codes, Cell ID and Distance to Cell are also displayed. While in List View, all towers and corresponding data can be viewed and scrolled through for evaluation or selected for Live Mode.

Signal Meter App - Key Site Survey Information

Signal Detail: Select any tower to display signal quality, carrier, band, DL frequency plus more.

Live Mode: Signal strength will calibrate in real time as you fine tune your install.

Project Management: Customize, organize and save all of your installs to the cloud.

Project Export: Easily export your projects to a .csv file for your system design.

Key Features

  • Multi-Generation LTE, Cellular, AWS and PCS Scanner
  • Live mode for fine tuning single or multiple cells
  • Identifies active carriers
  • Generation and carrier filters
  • Geo-mapping of all active cells within scan range
  • 4G Signal Strength (RSRP) and Signal Quality (RSRQ)
  • 3G Signal Strength (RSCP) and Signal Quality (EC/IO)
  • Details Location, Tower ID, Downlink Frequency, Distance to Tower
  • Capture, store and export all scan results
  • Powerful project management features
  • Survey results time stamps for A/B comparisons

Simple & Sophisticated

The WilsonPro Cell LinQ site survey system is a sophisticated yet simple to use scanning tool. This site survey system is a comprehensive measurement, data collection and data management tool. Engineered to provide any professional integrator, installer, system designer or contractor, commissioned in the implementation and installation of cellular sub systems, an accurate and simple tool to utilize. This system will provide all of the necessary details insuring a predictable and accurate assessment of all necessary information required to effectively design, install and validate performance for all types of cellular amplifier systems.

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Kit Includes

  • LinQ Meter
  • Durable Hard Case
  • Meter and Dipole Terminal Antenna
  • 40" SMA Male to N-Male Cable
  • N-Female to SMA-Female Adapter
  • Charger - Power Cube, 120 V, 3' USB Cord
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