Kyocera DuraPlus Hands Free Car Kit AdvanceTec

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Installable hands free car kit for Kyocera DuraPlus E4233 phones. Includes Cradle (AT6698A), and Pro Install Kit (AT6549) which includes junction box, speaker, visor microphone and PTT remote button.

*SHIPPING NOTE - 2-4 WEEKS - AdvanceTec Products Not In Stock Are Custom Assembled and Can Take Up To 4 Weeks To Ship. Contact Us With Any Questions.


AdvanceTec Hands-Free Car Kit - Kyocera DuraPlus

Keep both hands on the wheel while talking on your Kyocera DuraPlus phone in your car. It is safe, practical, complies with Hands-Free legislation rapidly being introduced.

The AdvanceTec Kyocera DuraPlus E4233 custom designed Car Kit provides a safe and convenient hands-free use o the phone in both Cellular and Push-to-Talk (PTT) modes while driving. The specially designed cradle mounting bracket allows users to rotate the cradle 90 degrees to view for a wide screen GPS applications.

Kyocera DuraPlus hands free car kit. AdvanceTec’s Pro-installed Hands-free Car Kit is a vehicular communication system that improves sound quality, reception and driver safety and the perfect solution for your Push-to-Talk (PTT) phone.

The car kit consists of a junction box, 10 watt External speaker, Remote PTT button, Noise Cancelling Visor Microphone and a power cable. The car kit is coupled with a compatible phone cradle to hold the cellular phone securely in place


  • Kyocera DuraPlus Cradle
  • Safer Hands Free Communications
  • Integrated Speaker / Control Box
  • Noise Cancelling Visor Microphone
  • Push To Talk Remote Button
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Easy To Install
  • Loud & Clear Audio through included speaker.

Kit Includes

  • Cradle for Kyocera DuraPlus
  • Junction Box
  • 10Watt Speaker
  • Remote Push-To-Talk Button
  • Visor Microphone
  • Power Cable

*SHIPPING NOTE - 2-4 WEEKS: Please note that AdvanceTec products not in stock can take 2-4 Weeks to Ship. Many items are custom assembled when ordered. Once we receive your order, we will contact you with an estimate of shipping date. Please feel free to Contact Us with any availability questions.

Optional Accessories

  • AdvanceTec Palm Microphone
  • AdvanceTec Remote Privacy Handset
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