Netgear LG2200D Gateway Antennas Boosters

Netgear LG2200D Gateway Antennas Boosters

How To Improve The Cellular Signal To The Netgear LG2200D Gateway

image of a netgear lg2200dThere are several different ways to improve cellular reception to your Netgear LG2200D gateway for faster Internet speeds. You can boost the reception of your device with an external antenna or powered signal booster. Adding an external to will improve cellular reception which will improve data transfer speeds. Adding a powered cellular signal booster will improve reception even more.

We offer several options to boosting Netgear LG2200D cell reception:

  • Add an External Antenna
  • Add an Power Booster With External Antenna
  • Use a Signal Booster Repeater System - Covers multiple devices over a larger area - Home, Office, Large Buildings.

Attach External Antenna

The Netgear LG2200D has 2 antennas. The antenna connectors are both SMA Female connectors. You can remove one or both antennas and attach a higher gain external antenna. Attaching a cellular antenna to the the requires an antenna cable ending in a SMA Male.

Mounting External Antenna

Ideally, you want to place the external antenna where the cellular signal is best. It is usually better to mount the antenna outdoors if possible. Directional antennas should be permanently mounted pointing directly towards then nearest tower. An excellent antenna for 4G frequencies is the Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna (below).

CABLE: When selecting cable, match connectors to the router (SMA) and the antenna (FME or N Type). The use of the screw on adapters "SMA Male/FME Male Adapter 971119" or "SMA Male / N Female Adapter" see product listing below) may be required.

Adding An External Antenna & Power Booster

You can also add a cellular signal booster between the external antenna and the Raven for a stronger signal than antenna alone. Consider the WilsoPro Signal 4G for use in 3G and 4G areas.

Repeater Type Systems

Another solution to improving the signal strength is to use a cellular repeater type signal booster system. These systems take the available signal outside, amplify it, then rebroadcast the signal inside. These systems do not require a direct connection to your device. They also have the added value of being able to boost the signal to other devices in the area. We list it and several different options below. You can also find more on our website: Building Cellular Repeater Systems / Mobile Cellular Repeater Systems


Raven XT External Antenna & Signal Booster System Options