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LG Devices

LG Cell Phone External Antenna Adapters

A LG external antenna adapter allows you to connect an external antenna directly to your LG cell phone. It consists of a 15 - 20 RG-174 cable with a connector on each end. One end of the cable connects to your cell phone and the other end connects to an external antenna.

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  • LG VL600 Antenna Adapter FME M
    LG VL600 Antenna Adapter FME M $16.95 $8.95 View Details
    External Antenna Adapter. Fits LG VL600. Requires antenna with FME Female connector. See LG VL600 weak port warning in product description. Improve the cellular reception to your cellular modem with this LG VL600 external...
    SKU: AA1071LGVL600
  • LG 1150, 4015, VX, PN210, Nok, 5750 Antenna Adapter
    LG1150/4015/VX/PN210/Nok/5750 Ant Adptr FME
    External Antenna Adapter Use this external antenna adapter to attach an external cellular antenna directly to your RF port. The adapter consists of a 18 to 20 inch cable with a connector crimped to each end. One end...
    SKU: AA359919
  • Samsung D/T/BJ/LG8600/UM150/UML290 Antenna Adapter
    Samsung D/T/BJ/LG8600/UM150/UML290 Antenna Adapter FME M $14.99 View Details
    External antenna adapter. Use to connect your device to an external cellular antenna or amplifier. 359921 Fits: Audiovox (UTStarcom) UM150 (Verizon), LG LX570, VX565(Muziq), VX8600, Pantech UM150, UML290, Samsung SCH-U740,...
    SKU: AA359921