weBoost Drive M Mobile Signal Booster Systems

weBoost Drive M Mobile Signal Booster Systems

weBoost Drive M Mobile Signal Booster Systems


You try and stay in touch and productive on the road by taking your cell phone along. You also drive with a cell phone by your side in case of emergency. What good does having a cell phone with you do if you're in one of those many areas your travel in that does not get a good cell phone signal?

Your answer is the weBoost Drive M series mobile signal boosters. The Drive M series keeps all of your cellular devices connected on the road. It removes the excuses of hills, trees and distance between you and a good mobile signal.



  • More Powerful Mobile Amplifiers
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • For all US & Canadian service providers
  • "All In One" package solution
  • FCC Certified


  • Keeps You Productive & In Touch On The Road
  • Get A More Reliable Cell Signal
  • Better Quality Voice Calling

 car signal booster system


Installation is easy.

  • Mount the Drive M Amplifier - Usually Driver's Seat
  • Mount and Attach the Outdoor Antenna
  • Mount and Attach the Indoor Antenna
  • Attach the Power Supply

Most customers mount the amplifier under the drivers seat. Next, install the included antenna on the top of the vehicle run the antenna cable into the car or truck. It is strong enough to endure most doors opening and closing. For a cleaner look, locate the cable under the doors weatherstripping. Connect the antenna to the amplifiers "Outside Antenna" port. Install the inside antenna on your seat side, console or dash. Finally, connect the power cord. The power cable runs from the amplifier to your cigarette lighter or other vehicle power port.

For more installation, see the Installation Guide that comes with each amplifier.


The weBoost Drive M Amplifiers come in 2 Versions:

Drive 3G-M - For Cellular Phone Calls, 2G and 3G Internet.

Drive 4G-M - For Cellular Phone Calls, 2G, 3G & 4G Internet (AT&T LTE, Verizon LTE, T-Mobile AWS)


The Drive M systems come with everything you need including the amplifier, inside antenna, outside cellular antenna and cable. You can upgrade the outside antenna as well as adding extension cables. They area 50 Ohm system, so it requires 50 Ohm antennas and cable (Most common cable for extensions area RG-58, RG-174, RG-8). An AC Power Supply is also available to use indoors.


weBoost Drive M Replacement Antennas, Cable & System Components