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Krusell produces and globally distributes fun, fashionable, unique, designer carrying cases and pouches for portable electronics including mobile phones, Smart phones, laptops, GPS, digital cameras and MP3-players. Krusell is the patent holder of the unique Multidapt carrying system.

We carry stylish and unique Krusell Multidapt® equipped cases, pouches, holders, neck straps, belt clips and belt loops for cellular phones and PDA's. The patented Krusell Multidapt system is the hub of the assortment. Having the Multidapt “female” on a case or pouch enables endless possibilities on how to carry a device. Feel free to change the suspension device to any other option within the Multidapt system. When it’s time to buy a new device, you can use your existing accessories on your next equipped Krusell case.

All Krusell Multidapt® accessories are made of stainless steel or nearly unbreakable fiber plastic.