Help Selecting

Help Selecting

There are a wide variety of options in cell phone accessories to carry and protect your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or other phone. Here are a few guidelines to help you in your journey to select just the right case for the way you live, work and play.

A few things to consider when selecting a mobile case are:

  • Carry Method - Belt Clip, Belt Loop, Flat Back with no belt clip for purses and pockets
  • Form Fit Case - Made for your device and stays on device when in use.
  • Pouch - Fits your device and protects it more than a form fit case but you have to remove your device from the pouch to use.
  • Screen Protection - Some cases have screen protection (such as clear plastic) and some leave the screen open for ease of use
  • Port openings - Do you need openings for charger, headset or other ports. Most form fit cases come with port openings.
  • Control Openings - Do you need openings for any controls that may be on your device.

Form Fit Cases

Form fit cases are probably the most popular accessory for phones. They offer a good amount of protection plus the ability to use your device without removing it from the case. Most form fit cases come with a variety of ways to transport your device including belt clips and belt loops (wrap around your belt for a more secure hold). The down side of form fit cases is that they are usually bulky and harder to slide into your pocket or purse. They are also model specific so when you change phones, you usually have to change cases. The variety of cases available can be limited by the popularity of ones device. More popular phones will have more custom fit options.

  • Great Protection
  • Snug Fit
  • Use Device While In Case
  • Can offer Belt Clip or Belt Loop Carry Option
  • Can be Bulky


Cell phone pouches probably offer the best protection for your device as long as your device is in the pouch. They usually come with a belt clip or belt loop which are convenient carry options. The down side of phone pouches is that you have to remove your device from the pouch in order to make or receive calls. The ringer and vibration function can also be muffled when the phone is in the pouch.

  • Great Protection when device is in the pouch
  • Must remove device from pouch to make or receive calls
  • Ringer can be muffled
  • Secure Flap or Open top Options
  • Can offer Belt Clip or Belt Loop carry option

Skins & Shells

Accessories like Skins and Shells typically protect the outside frame of your device. Screens and controls are left open. They can be soft (usually referred to as skins) or hard (referred to as shells). Phone skins and shells typically allow you the most access to your device's LCD screens, headset, data and charging ports and controls. They add less bulk so they can be easily slid into your pocket or purse and sometimes larger pouches. They don't offer as much protection as a pouch or form fit case. We recommend using a clear screen protector film with a skin or shell. Sometimes they come with belt clips but adding a belt clip can make your slim skin or shell bulky. Many shells, like Body Glove, offer a belt clip where it's post that holds the clip is removable. This offers the option of both belt clip and smooth, less bulky back.

  • Slimmer, easier to carry in Pocket
  • Mostly Body Protection
  • Easily access LCD and Controls
  • Sometimes offers Belt Clips for Carry
  • Doesn't Protect Screen

Screen Protectors

Accessories like Screen Protectors are made of clear film that protect your device's LCD screen. They protect your screen well against minor scratches but don't offer as much protection of the body. Some screen protectors may interfere with the use of the LCD with a stylus or fingers but most made today interfere very little.

  • LCD screen Protection Only
  • Protects from Scratches
  • No Body Protection

Clear Body Films

Clear cell phone body films are similar to screen protectors but they cover the screen plus the body with a clear film. These accessories add very little bulk to your device so it's easy to drop your device into your pocket. Clear body protectors do not offer much protection against drops or bumps. However, body film does make your device easy to slide in and out of your pockets. They do not offer a belt clip or loop carry option.

  • Most Unobtrusive Case
  • Protects from Scratches
  • Might Not protect as well for Drops
  • No Belt Carry Option

Phone Holsters

A cell phone holster is a convenient accessory to carry your device utilizing a belt clip. Your device will easily slide in and out of the holster so access is quick. Holsters don't offer much protection from bumping up against objects like tables or counters though.

  • Easy Carry
  • Easy In and Out
  • Not much protection
  • Belt Carry Option


Magnetic Phone Closure Warning:

The weak magnet used in many phone pouches to keep them closed my effect (sometimes negatively) some devices. For a few devices, it will turn the device on inside the case or go into "car mode" for other devices. This may cause accidental punching of controls, LCD touch screens or may make calls as the case rides in the pouch. Cases and pouches made for BlackBerry devices use a magnet to put the phone into sleep mode. These cases have a separate magnet built into them.

Before using a case or pouch with a magnetic closure or a pouch made for BlackBerry devices, we recommend that you refer to your service provider, phone manufacturer or user manual for information on how magnets may effect your device. We also stock many pouches with Velcro closures.

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