Vehicle Hands Free Kits

Vehicle Hands Free Kits

AdvanceTec Vehicle Hands-Free Kits

AdvanceTec Pro Install In Vehicle Hands Free Kits

The AdvanceTec Pro Install Cellular Hands Free solution was designed to provide safer cellular use while driving and is designed to be a high quality vehicular communication system. The AdvanceTec in vehicle hands free kits include models for Motorola Nextel iDen phones.

Push To Talk Control

The AdvanceTec Pro Install Hands Free Car Kits come with a remote PTT Control button enabling you to have PTT access conveniently located where you want it.

Improve Reception

Improve cellular reception by adding an external antenna. AdvanceTec phone cradles have inductive couplers with external antenna connector (Mini-UHF Female). This allows you to mount an antenna on the outside of your vehicle and attach it to the cradle.

Stereo / Radio Mute

The AdvanceTec Car Kit supports an Entertainment Mute function when connected to a car stereo system that provides for external muting. This function is compatible with systems that mute the audio output when the control line is connected to ground.


  • Integrated Speaker/Control Box
  • Visor Microphone
  • Handset Cradle
  • PTT Remote Control Button
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • External Antenna Connector for Improved Signal Reception (optional)
  • Easy and Efficient Installation
  • Optional Privacy Handset