AdvanceTec Desktop & Vehicle Hands Free

AdvanceTec Desktop & Vehicle Hands Free

AdvanceTec Desktop & Vehicle Hands-Free

AdvanceTec makes some of the highest quality hands free devices. The AdvanceCommunicatior is a top quality speaker phone base station for your cellular phone. The AdvanceCommunicator is available for some Motorola iDen (Nextel) and Kyocera. The AdvanceTec Pro Install Vehicle hands free kits allow you keep your hands on the wheel. You can drive and communicate in a much safer manner.

AdvanceTec Desktop Hands Free AdvanceCommunicator™

Image of AdvanceTec Desktop Station AdvanceCommunicator™ is a remarkable product adapted to operate with wireless mobile telephones. It is designed to instantly convert your cell phone into a convenient stand alone Base Station / Desktop Speakerphone or a Computer Controlled Communications System. Its unique capabilities and numerous features, make the AdvanceCommunicator™ a unique product without equal.

AdvanceTec Vehicle Hands Free Kits

The AdvanceTec Pro Install Cellular Hands Free solution was designed to provide safer cellular use while driving and is designed to be a high quality vehicular communication system. The AdvanceTec in car hands free kits include models for Motorola Nextel iDen phones.

AdvanceTec AdvanceBlue Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

Pioneers in hands-free technology, AdvanceTec introduces AdvanceBlue™, the first commercial pro-installed Bluetooth car kit. Now users from major metropolitan-area police forces to Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the comfort and convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology and not loose any sound quality or reliability.

  • AdvanceTec Desktop Mic For Desktop Stations AT8350A

    AdvanceTec Desktop Mic For Desktop Stations AT8350A


    AdvanceTec Desktop Microphone AT8350A. The Desktop Mic is for use in conjunction with the AdvanceCommunicator Desktop Stations. This Mic is highly recommended when using the AdvanceCommunicator Stations with Push-To-Talk phones. It makes a...