New Wilson MobileMaxx 3G Signal Booster

We just received and are shipping the new MobileMaxx 3G from Wilson Electronics. The MobileMaxx is Wilson's newest, most powerful vehicle signal booster to date. It's ideal of larger vehicles including RVs, Ambulances, Trucks & Campers. The MobileMaxx comes as a complete kit with amplifier, inside antenna, outside magnetic mount antenna, cable and cigarette lighter power supply. It's easy to install, powerful and affordable. We highly recommend it for those that travel in rural areas where the cell signal is very weak or non existent. We also recommend it for larger vehicles. The repeater amplifier boosts signals in 800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies include all major service providers in North America including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and other. This include voice calling and 3G Internet. The kit can also be purchased with a variety of cellular antennas for large trucks, RVs, spring mounted or hole mounted antennas.

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19th Dec 2014 Jerome Hansen

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