New weBoost eqo Now Available

weBoost eqo

The new  weBoost eqo is now available. The eqo is a small area cell phone signal booster that does not require mounting an antenna outdoors like most systems. It is made specifically to boost the signal within 1 or 2 rooms within a home.

Ideal Use

eqo Booster is ideal for apartments and condos, as well as other small indoor spaces that need significantly better cell reception for one or two rooms. 

  • eqo is a new type of cell phone signal booster
  • eqo allows virtually anyone to improve poor cell reception in their home by up to 32x in seconds
  • eqo has just 2 components, with plug-and-play set up complete in less than a minute

eqo Booster can do this because it does not require a separate outside antenna unit. The eqo Booster's design integrates the amplifier component and the tower antenna component into a main unit.

This main unit is placed inside your home wherever cell signal is strongest. The antenna unit is placed where stronger signal is most needed.

The main unit collects weak cell signal, amplifies it and sends it over coax cable to the antenna, which distributes the amplified signal over the indoor coverage area - up to 1,200 square feet - for use by any device whiting range.


11th Apr 2016

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