Hear-Me.org Signal Booster Fact Sheet

Hear-Me.org is a web site created by Wilson Electronics. Wilson manufacturers cellular signal boosters that improve cellular signal for cell phones and cellular data cards in areas where a service provider’s signal may be very weak. These signal boosters help those in such area make and receive cell phone calls when, without a signal booster, it would be impossible. Hear-Me.org was set up to let individuals, companies and public service agencies express how signal boosters have helped them.

Cellular service providers claim that these signal boosters interfere with their service and are attempting to get the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to limit the use of signal boosters to only those that have been approved by a service provider.

Wilson, as well as ourselves, disagree with the service providers approval requirement stance. We believe that this is unnecessary and would raise the cost of such systems as well as making them more difficult to get and may be totally unavailable to most people and services that depend on a good cell signal. Wilson believes that their boosters do not cause interference with carriers service but believe that other systems do. Therefore, Wilson is petitioning the FCC to better regulate these signal booster and impose more restrictions on their design and keeping boosters readily available to those that need them.

The FCC has accepted a petition from Wilson Electronics to evaluate tightening certification of cell signal boosters for wireless networks. The FCC has accepted comments on booster use from outside sources and may decide to allow signal boosters to be approved and placed in service only by cell phone service providers, who offer no affordable multi-carrier or mobile boosting solutions, or may not approve the use of signal boosters at all.

Wilson is asking that all users of cellular signal boosters post their stories and/or videos on how signal boosters have helped them. You can post your story on the Hear-Me.org web site.

From Hear-Me.org

“According to the last U.S. Census, more than 59 million Americans live in rural areas and more than 50 percent have a cell phone. Currently, the public benefits from affordable signal boosters being available in rural and urban areas for safety, personal, and work related purposes. Additionally, boosters provide affordable access to those with limited cell phone signal, or no wired broadband connection. Limiting the distribution of signal boosters would negatively impact open access and innovation.

Rather than generating new rules giving cell carriers total control over boosters, in essence imposing a ban on these potentially life-saving devices, appropriate FCC regulations can ensure mechanisms are built into signal boosters to make them invisible to cell sites and therefore protect the carrier networks from interference. Properly designed products do not create interference with wireless networks.

Essential for Public Safety:

Members of the public safety community need access to signal boosters to save lives and access vital information.”

Read More at Hear-Me.org Fact Sheet and post your own experience.

12th Dec 2010 Jerome Hansen

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