4G Signal Improvement

4G wireless signal is the newest wireless standard that provides data speeds up to 10 times current 3G speeds.

4G is fast and you’re going to want to have it.

Verizon, for instance compares it’s 4G with it’s 3G network. Verizon 3G download speeds are in the 1mb/sec range but 4G can be 5 – 12mb/second. That’s a huge speed increase.

Improving 4G Signal

Of course, not everyone one is going to live or travel in areas with top 4G signal strength. Just as with 3G, many (most) areas will be far away and have obstructions such as trees, hills, building walls and roofs between blazing speeds and them.

And then there’s the wireless frequencies that 4G is using. They are different than what your current cell phone or 3G data card are using. 4G is being rolled out on a couple of different frequencies. For example, Verizon LTE is using 700MHz and Clear is using 2500MHz.

If you’re one of those trying to get a stronger 4G signal, you might consider attaching an external antenna directly to your 4G modem. These modems usually have external antenna ports built into them. Find the right external antenna adapter for your modem, attach an external antenna and you’re good to go. Make sure the antenna specs cover whatever frequency your service provider is using. Vehicle or Building signal boosters aren’t available yet but manufacturers are working on them.

We will be writing more on 4G signal improvement over the next few months so stay tuned.

10th Jan 2011 Jerome Hansen

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