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Mini Antenna With SMA Male and FME Female Adapter.

Wilson Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna 700-2700MHz Omni-Dir SMA M / FME F

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Short Description

• Mini Dual Band 700-2700MHz Antenna with SMA Male Connector
• Includes FME Female Adapter.

Wilson Antennas
  • Product Description

    Wilson Mini magnetic mount omni directional antenna. Magnetic Mount / 4" Tall, 10ft RG-174 cable, Comes with an SMA Male connector crimped on cable and includes a FME Female Adapter to connect to devices with FME Male connectors.

    Wilson Mini Antenna

    The Wilson Mini Magnet Cellular Antenna is carefully designed to minimize loss and maximize gain. Wilson's innovative design results n high efficiency with low losses and will get the most signal to and from your cellular phone. 

    Antenna Usage

    The Wilson Mini Cellular Antenna works great on metal surfaces that are free from obstacles which could cause signal interference. Its main benefits over our other antennas are its ease of installation, the ability to quickly move it from place to place and its compact size. This is especially useful for those who travel or have multiple vehicles needing an antenna. Its compact size does limit performance when compared to full size magnet mount cellular antenna. This antenna is about 4 inches tall and comes with 10 feet of RG-174 (thin) coax cable. Wavelength: 1/4 Wavelength 806-894 MHz and 9/16 Wavelength. Metal Ground Plane is Required (metal on car will act as a ground plane.)


    • Frequency: 700-800 MHz - Gain: 1.7 dBi
    • Frequency: 824-894 MHz - Gain: 2.12 dBi
    • Frequency: 880-960 MHz - Gain: 1.5 dBi
    • Frequency: 1710-188 MHz - Gain: 3.12 dBi
    • Frequency: 1850-1990 MHz - Gain: 3.12 dBi
    • Frequency: 2110-2170 MHz - Gain: 1.4 dBi
    • Impedance: 50 ohms
    • Radiation: Omni
    • Polarization: Vertical
    • Ground Plane: Metal ground plane required
    • Connector: SMA Male. Includes FME Female Adapter
    • Material: Whip - Plastic Coated Steel Wire
    • Coax Cable: RG174 - 10 feet / 3.05 meters
    • Height: 4.175 inches / 10.6 cm
    • Mount: Rare earth magnet
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