Access Points

Add high-powered WiFi access to your network!

Whether you are building a wired network or even already have a wireless network that doesn't quite cut it, add one of our wireless network access points for greater coverage than ever before!

What are our units used for?

  • You can add more wireless range to your whole network OR just one PC;
  • You can expand an existing wireless network by connecting an Ethernet cable OR by relaying the wireless signal;
  • You can also simply connect our Access Points to your broadband connection (cable, DSL, T1, etc) to make it a wireless internet connection!

These Access Points are Easy to Set Up

  1. Connect access point to your computer or network switch using standard Ethernet cables.
  2. Enter the unit's IP address in your Internet Browser.
  3. The diagnostic/setup screen will come up and allow you to set up your wireless network.

Need Help on Wi-Fi Networking? Visit our Wi-Fi Resources Page.

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