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C5 Motorola/HTC/BB/San/Treo Micro USB Wall Outlet Charger

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  • Product Description

    Micro USB Wall Outlet Charger. Works with many cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerrys and Smart Phones equipped with Micro USB charging port.

    Motorola, Sanyo, LG, BlackBerry - MicroUSB Charger

    With energy consumption becoming part of the decision making process by consumers when selecting portable electronics and mobile/smartphones, it is important to offer them energy efficient solutions for charging their devices that is good for the environment! C5 is proud to bring to you our latest version of a premium Micro USB charger for mobile/smartphones that meet the demanding specifications of energy efficiency and therefore are Energy Star® certified!

    Features and benefits of Charger include:

    • Energy Star compliant circuitry delivers a safe and efficient charge and has the least amount of energy usage when not charging a device!
    • UL and FCC certification approvals
    • Compact design with outlet pins that fold into the housing when not in use.
    • Convenient 4 1/2 feet cable length.
    • Flat ribbon cable with velcro strap for easy tangle free storage when not in use.
    • Input 100-240V AC - Output 5V at 800mAh Max DC

    Works with many cell phones with Micro USB charging port including:

    BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip, 8230, 8520 CURVE, 8530 CURVE, 8900 Curve, 9530 STORM, 9550 STORM2, 9630 TOUR, 9700 BOLD, BOLD 9700, STORM, STORM2 9550, TOUR, 

    Google Nexus One,

    Hewlett Packard iPaq Glisten,

    Kyocera M1400 Laylo, M2000 G2GO, M2000 X-tc, Melo, S1300 Melo, S1310 Domino,

    LG 700 Volt, Arena GT950, AX155, AX265 Banter, AX300, AX310 Helix, AX500 Swift, AX585 Rythm, AX830 GLIMMER, AX840 Tritan, Banter, Bliss, CF360, Chocolate Touch, CT810 Incite, DARE, Decoy, enV3, eXpo, GD710 Shine II, Glance, GLIMMER, GR500 Xenon, GT950 Arena, GW820 eXpo, Incite, Lotus, Lotus Elite, LX265 Rumor2, LX290, LX310 Helix, LX370, LX400, LX600 Lotus, LX610 Lotus Elite, Rumor2, Rythm, Shine II, Swift, Tritan, UX310 Helix, UX700 Bliss, UX830, UX840 Tritan, Versa, Volt, VX5600 Accolade, VX7100 Glance, VX8560 Chocolate 3, VX8575 Chocolate Touch, VX8610 Decoy, VX9100 enV(2), VX9200 enV3, VX9600 Versa, VX9700 DARE

    Motorola A455 Rival, Adventure, BACKFLIP, Barrage, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, Clutch, Crush, DEVOUR, DROID, Entice, Hint, i465 Clutch, i576, i776, i9 Stature, Karma QA1, Krave, MOTORAZR VE20, Q9h, QA30 Hint, QA4 Evoke, Quantico, Rapture, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V9m, RAZR2 V9x, Renegade, Rival, V750 Adventure, V860 Barrage, V950 Renegade, VE20, VU30 Rapture, W766 Entice, W845 Quantico, ZN4 Krave, Nokia 1006, 1606, 2605, 2705 Shade, 3606, 6205, 6350, 6750 Mural, 7705 Twist, N900, 

    Samsung Behold II, Caliber, Code, Exclaim, Flight, Freeform, Highnote, Instinct HD, Intrepid, Messager II, Moment, MyShot II, Mythic, Omnia II (CDMA), Rant, Reclaim, SCH-i220 Code, SCH-i920 Omnia II, SCH-R100 Stunt, SCH-R350 Freeform, SCH-R460 MyShot II, SCH-R470 Two Step, SCH-R520 Trill, SCH-R560 Messager II, SCH-R850 Caliber, SCH-R860 Caliber, SGH-A797 Flight, SGH-A897 Mythic, SGH-T939 Behold II, SPH-i350 Intrepid, SPH-M220, SPH-M240, SPH-M320, SPH-M330, SPH-M540 Rant, SPH-M550 Exclaim, SPH-M560 Reclaim, SPH-M630 Highnote, SPH-M850 Instinct HD, SPH-M900 Moment

    Sanyo Incognito, Katana Eclipse SCP-6750, Katana LX SCP-3800, PRO 200, PRO 700, S1, SCP-2500, SCP-2700, SCP-3810, SCP-6760 Incognito


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