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ZTE Z700z Signal Boosters

apipkq3zq-41589.jpgThe ZTE Z700 allows you to use AT&T’s cellular network for a traditional home phone system. You can use your corded or cordless home phone without local service or pluging them into a wall jack. It also provides Internet access for your home computer and Wi-Fi® enabled devices.

How Do I Boost the Cellular Signal To The ZTE Z700?

If you live in an area where AT&T's cellular signal is weak, we can help. The best way to boost the cell signal to the ZTE Z700a is using a powered cellular signal booster system. These systems are available for small areas (boost the signal just to your ZTE Z700) or larger areas (boost the signal for the ZTE Z700 plus other devices in your home or office). There are also portable options to move your signal booster system from place to place. They basically work by capturing a weak signal from your neatest AT&T cellular tower, amplifying the signal, then rebroadcasting the signal to your device, inside your building.

AT&T AF300 Frequencies

The LG AF300 uses AT&T frequencies GSM 850/1900MHz, UMTS 850/1900MHz and AWS 700. Any of the 3G boosters below will boost both 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies.

All of the systems below will boost the signal to your ZTE Z700 AT&T Home Base:

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