DirectConnect Boosters

Wilson Direct Connect Cell Phone Power Boosters

Increase Your Cell Phone and PC Card Coveragedirect-connect-powerbooster.jpg

The Wilson Cellular Direct Connect Power Booster can increase your cellular phone or broadband Data Card coverage up to 50 miles. It will greatly reduce disconnects, drop outs and noise as well as eliminating all microwave energy radiating into your head. 

Boost Cellular Broadband PC & USB Cards Too!

An improved cellular signal means faster speeds on your broadband PC Card. Your phone will use less battery power with the improved signal giving you longer talk and standby times.

How does the Direct Connect Power Booster Work?

When using the amplifier, the signal is received by the outside antenna from the cell site. The signal is then amplified and sent into your phone or Data Card through the external antenna adapter (sold separately). Direct Connect Boosters Require an External antenna and device adapter (Cell Phone/Data Card) and External antenna (sold separately). If no external antenna adapter is available for your cell phone or data card, consider the Wilson SignalBoost Universal, Mobile Wireless Amplifiers or Building Repeater Systems.

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