Wilson Electronics AWS 1700/2100MHz Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics AWS 1700/2100MHz Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics AWS 4G Signal Booster

The Wilson Electronics AWS 70 Building Cellular Repeater System boosts AWS signals inside a building. It provides a strong signal & larger coverage area for devices operating on the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) 1700/2100 MHz (1.7/2.1GHz) band. The AWS70 features adjustable gain controls - one for the uplink (device - to- tower), and another for the downlink (tower-to-device). Installers can optimize the unit’s gain to match installation requirements. The adjustable gain feature also simplifies installation by making antenna placement less critical. If the inside and outside antennas are too close together, gain can be manually reduced to prevent oscillation between the two.


  • Boosts T-Mobile AWS 1700MHz / 2100 MHz Signal
  • Boosts T-Mobile 4G Signals
  • Adjustable Gain - Uplink and Downlink
  • Most powerful & affordable AWS booster on the market
  • Easy Installation

About T-Mobile 4G Frequencies

This amplifier works in T-Mobile areas that are using AWS 1700MHz and/or 2100MHz for both 3G (3.5G) and 4G frequencies. Some areas are still at 1900MHz for T-Mobile for 3G service. You'll need a different amplifier that covers 800MHz and /or 1900MHz, Verify with your service provider what frequencies they are using in your area.


This Product Has Been Discontinued

This item is no longer available but we have great substitutes. Please visit our Building Signal Booster page.

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