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Clingo Universal Podium Stand Phone Holder CL30262

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  • Product Description

    Clingo Universal Podium Mobile Device Stand. Easy - Stick device on Clingo Pad, Peel off to remove.

    Home for your Phone

    The Universal Podium™ by Clingo is ideal for use in your home or at your office to provide a secure mount for your phone when charging, syncing or accessing your media device - all at the same time. No adapters necessary…ever! You can rest easy knowing you have a safe place to put your phone so you never have to scramble to find it as you are running out the door.

    Infinite Uses

    The Podium’s multi-axis joint delivers 360 degree rotation to provide you with infinite viewing angles. This helps to organizes your desk and enables full access to your smartphone features, giving you easy, hands-free viewing of calls, text, emails, movies, and other apps. It even makes it easy for you to check game scores or watch YouTube™ while plugging away at work.

    Any phone, Anywhere.

    It's pretty simple, really. Clingo holds your phone. It doesn't matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or whatever. Whether in your car, at the office, at home or wherever - Clingo holds it.


    • Multi-axis joint allows for infinite viewing angles. 
    • Solid steel base provides unparalleled stability. 
    • Allows easy, hands-free viewing of calls, text, emails, movies and other apps. 
    • Great for use at home or the office on your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand or where ever you happen to use your phone. 
    • Universal - any phone, anywhere.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the Podium work with my phone?

    Yes. No adapters necessary. That’s the magic of Clingo Technology. It is designed to work with any phone or media device. Some cases that are extremely textured or silicone-based will not work.

    Will it leave residue on my phone or media player?

    Absolutely not. The material is designed to stick, peel and repeat without leaving any residue on your phone.

    How do I know it’s secure?

    Great question! We have tested all the products in extreme conditions to ensure that when it’s clean (follow the simple care instructions, which can be downloaded here) it will securely hold your device.

    Is it hard to clean? How often?

    Not at all. For quick cleaning use a damp, lint-free cloth to remove dirt, dust and oil from Clingo pad. Do not use any paper products. For best results, run water over the Clingo pad and use finger to remove any dirt or dust. Hand oil or grease may require the use of mild soap. Do not use solvents to clean the Cingo pad. Cleaning frequency may vary by environment.


    Step 1: Remove the protective film from Clingo pad.

    Step 2: This step is only for brand new cradles. Press your device firmly onto the new Clingo pad. Immediately remove the device. If when removing device you find it too difficult, simply touch the Clingo gel pad to your shirt or pants until desired stickiness is reached.

    Step 3: Check Clingo pad for cleanliness and stickiness before each use. Product will not stick properly if the pad is not cleaned suitably. See PROPER CARE & CLEANING for instructions. Cleaning frequency may vary by environment.

    Step 4: Wipe dirt and dust from your mobile device. Now attach it firmly to the Clingo pad. DO NOT attach your mobile device to the Clingo pad if it is protected by a leather or silicone case. The Clingo pad WILL NOT stick to leather or silicone.

    Step 5: Adjust the angle of the cradle to find the optimal hands-free viewing position.

    PROPER CARE & CLEANING Proper care and use of the product is necessary to maintain optimal stickiness on Clingo pad.


    Step 1: Always remove the cradle from the ball joint and your mobile device from the Clingo pad before cleaning.

    Step 2: Run warm water with mild soap over Clingo pad and use fingers to remove dirt and dust. DO NOT use solvents to clean the Clingo pad.

    Step 3: Let the Clingo pad air dry completely before using.

    The Clingo pad WILL NOT stick when wet. FOR QUICK CLEANING For quick cleaning, use a damp, lint-free wipe or cloth (i.e. chamois) to remove dust, dirt and oil from Clingo pad or simply rinse with water and let it air dry (diagram 2).

    DO NOT use any paper products to wash or dry your Clingo product.


    Method 1: (Two-handed) The safest method, hold the Clingo cradle’s “wings” with one hand and with the other hand wrap your fingers around to the back of the device to hold your battery cover. Gently peel the mobile device off the Clingo pad from one side to the other (diagram 1).

    Method 2: (One-handed) Wrap your hand around the phone and while holding the back of your device (battery cover) with your finger tips, use your middle finger or thumb to gently peel the mobile device from the Clingo pad from one side to the other.

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