NETGEAR MBR1210 Signal Boosters

NETGEAR MBR1210 Signal Boosters

The NETGEAR® MBR1210 uses the power of your cellular service provider's 3G mobile network to create a wireless hotspot. The hotspot uses 800MHz or 1900MHz for 3G service. It let you connect multiple computers or devices to the Internet. Boosting Cellular Signal to the NETGEAR® MBR1210.

You can boost the reception of your NETGEAR® MBR1210 with an external antenna or powered signal booster. Adding an external antenna to improve cellular reception which will improve data transfer speeds. Adding a powered cellular signal booster will improve reception even more.

We offer several options to boosting the cellular reception:

  • Add an External Antenna
  • Add a Direct Connect Signal Amplifier
  • Add a Repeater System - Covers a room or a whole building.

Cellular Antenna Port Adapter

Use the Wilson RP TNC M / FME Male Adapter (Part # 359937) to convert the Reverse Polarity TNC Female connector on the MBR1210 to FME male for use with most of our antennas and amplifiers.

NetGear MBR1210 Antenna Port

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  1. FME Male - RP TNC Male

    NETGEAR MBR1210 Ext Antenna Adapter RPTNC M / FME M


    NETGEAR MBR1210 antenna adapter. 6 inch RG174 cable with Reverse Polarity TNC M and FME Male connectors. 359937

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  2. NetGear MBR1210 Antenna Plus Adapter

    NETGEAR MBR1210 Ext Antenna/Adapter Bundle

    From: $35.92

    To: $686.84

    Combine Adapter and Select Antenna

    Save when you buy the External Antenna Adapter and a Cellular Antenna that works with NETGEAR MBR1210 mobile broadband router. Also works with other cellular devices that require a Reverse Polarity TNC Male connector.

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  3. Wilson Electronics Mobile 3G Signal Booster System

    Wilson Electronics Mobile Wireless Cellular Signal Booster

    Regular Price: $329.95

    Special Price: $309.95

    Most powerful Wilson Vehicle Signal Booster. Wilson Mobile 3G™ Wireless Cellular Signal Booster Kit. Improve cellular signal strength inside your car, truck, RV, boat or other vehicle. Kit includes amplifier, inside antenna, outside antenna, cigarette lighter power cord and user manual.

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  4. Coax Cable - N Male / RP TNC Connectors

    AW RG-8x Cable 20ft N-Male/RP TNC Male


    20ft RG-8x coax cable with N-Male connector on one end and Reverse Polarity TNC (RPTNC) connector on the other. Black.

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  5. Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Desktop Signal Booster System

    Wilson DT Desktop Cellular Booster System


    Wilson DT Signal Booster - Desktop Cellular Signal Booster with Adjustable Gain.

    Small areas - Small Room, Around Desk or Work Area.

    The Wilson DT provides short-range signal improvement for situations where it is difficult to get much separation between the inside and outside antennas. This Cell Phone Repeater is perfect for around your desk, apartments, cabins, temporary buildings, etc. For cell phones, cellular modems, Hotspots / MiFi devices.

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  6. Wilson DataPro Direct Connect Cellular Signal Booster

    Wilson DataPro M2M Direct Connect Signal Booster


    Signal Booster for Machine to Machine cellular modem signal improvement. Great for Vending Machines, ATMs, vehicle's, etc.

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