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M2M - Hotspots - Modem Signal Boosters

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Improve Mobile Internet Broadband Signal - Increase Data Transfer Speeds

We've been improving cellular reception for mobile phones for over a decade. The same technology can be used to improve the reception of your Mobile Broadband Modems, Mobile Hotspots and MiFi Devices from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others. Better mobile broadband signal can mean faster data speeds and Internet browsing.


There are several options for improving the cell signal to your Hot Spot / MiFi device. They include:

  • Attach an External Antenna (Select your device make and model below to see what's available)Hotspot MiFi Signal Boosters
  • Single Device Powered Booster - Wilson Sleek
  • Multiple Device Powered Booster - Home, Small Office, Larger Buildings - Boosts Signal to Cell Phones and Hotspots.

Wilson Sleek Hot Spot Booster

Looking for a 3G Booster, 4G Booster or EVDO antenna? We offer options as simple as attaching an external antenna to your PC Card or Hotspot up to improving the mobile broadband signal throughout a building for multiple users.

 Machine To Machine Cellular Data Signal Boosters

We can supply a variety of M2M (Machine to Machine) cellular signal booster & antenna systems to improve the cellular signal to your processing and monitoring systems for vending machines, car or truck fleet and remote monitoring systems. The systems we carry are compact and effective.

More M2M Signal Booster Information

 Wilson Sleek Booster

Home, Office or on the road - a great choice for Hotspot / MiFi signal improvement. Shop Wilson Sleek

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Data Card Featured Signal Boosters

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  1. Wilson Electronics Mobile 3G Signal Booster System

    Wilson Mobile Wireless Cell Signal Booster System

    Regular Price: $329.95

    Special Price: $309.95

    Most powerful Wilson Vehicle Signal Booster system. Improve cellular signal strength inside your car, truck, RV, boat or other vehicle. Complete Kit. Includes: amplifier, inside antenna, outside antenna, cigarette lighter power supply and user manual.

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  2. Wilson Sleek with Higher Gain Antenna

    Wilson SLEEK 3G DualBand Signal Booster 3db Antenna

    Regular Price: $109.95

    Special Price: $99.95

    Wilson Sleek DualBand Signal Booster with higher gain 3db Antenna for better performance in most locations. Reduce dropped calls, increase 3G Internet speeds in weak signal areas.

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  3. Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Desktop Signal Booster System

    Wilson DT Desktop Cellular Booster System


    Wilson DT Signal Booster - Desktop Cellular Signal Booster with Adjustable Gain.

    Small areas - Small Room, Around Desk or Work Area.

    The Wilson DT provides short-range signal improvement for situations where it is difficult to get much separation between the inside and outside antennas. This Cell Phone Repeater is perfect for around your desk, apartments, cabins, temporary buildings, etc. For cell phones, cellular modems, Hotspots / MiFi devices.

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  4. Wilson 811216 Booster

    Wilson High Power M2M Direct Connect GSM


    High Power M2M Direct Connect is a signal booster developed specifically for M2M installations using cellular data devices on 800MHz or 1900MHz GSM frequencies (AT&T). For use in fixed locations, not for mobile applicatons. Requires connector to your cellular modem and external antenna.

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  5. Wilson DataPro Direct Connect Cellular Signal Booster

    Wilson DataPro M2M Direct Connect Signal Booster


    Signal Booster for Machine to Machine cellular modem signal improvement. Great for Vending Machines, ATMs, vehicle's, etc.

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Direct Connect External Antennas

mom and son with improved cellular data card reception and speed


One of the best "bangs for the buck" in mobile broadband signal improvement is simply attaching an external antenna to it. Most PC Cards and USB Cards have RF ports on the ends that enable to attach an antenna to it.

We carry a wide variety of cellular antennas that can be used with your mobile broadband card. Find small and portable antennas to building mount antennas.

To attach an antenna directly to your data card, you'll need an external antenna adapter and the antenna. We've put together a few of our more popular antennas along with adapters to make it easy.

Portable Home / Vehicle / Office Options?

vehicle cellular amplifier system


For a portable cellular amplifier system that you don't have to directly connect to your card, consider the Wilson Wireless Vehicle Amplifiers.

With the addition of an AC power supply and convenient carry case, they can be easily transferred from home to vehicle to office.

This option features the benefit of an external antenna and 3 watt amplifier without a physical connection to your data card. It even allows multiple cell phones and data cards to be used simultaneously.

Shop Vehicle & Portable Signal Boosters


Building Solutions

small office home office building cellular repeater


We have building solutions that cover around your desk and systems that cover large buildings and warehouses and everything in between.

The advantages of these type of systems are:

  • Improved signal without connecting to data card
  • Multiple users


Shop Building Cellular Repeater Systems


WiFi Signal Improvement

small  office home office building cellular repeater


We also stock WiFi signal improvement options as well. If you need to improve your WiFi signal, we offer WiFi antennas, WiFi Access Points and WiFi Adapters.

Whether you're trying to increase the coverage area of your router or pick up a WiFi signal from far away, we have a solution for you.


Shop WiFi Signal Improvement Options

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