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Headset Adapters

Headset & Hands Free Device Adapters

We stock a variety of headset adapters adapters. Use a headset adapter to convert the port in your cell phone to a port that matches your headset. Convert 3.5mm jacks to 2.5mm. Convert BlackBerry Micro USB to Mini USB or Mini USB to Micro USB. Convert Samsung S20 to 3.5mm Stereo jack. Nokia Pop Port to 2.5mm.

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  • Micro USB Female / Mini USB Male Adapter
    BlackBerry Micro USB Female / Mini USB Male Adapter $9.95 View Details
    Convert BlackBerry Mini USB port to a Micro USB port. Use Micro USB accessories with BlackBerry's with Mini USB port. Works with BlackBerry devices that have a MiniUSB port including BlackBerry 6210, 6230, 6280, 6510, 7100,...
    SKU: DC345780
  • Samsung MicroUSB Y Adapter
    Samsung MicroUSB Dual Male Y Adapter ET-AUDMSBEBXAR $4.95 View Details
    This MicroUSB Y adapter lets you charge two MicroUSB enabled devices at the same time. Connect to the end of any MicroUSB DC cigarette lighter car charger or AC wall charger (Charger Not Included). Cable is approximately 6...
  • MicroUSB Male / MiniUSB Female Adapter
    MicroUSB Male / MiniUSB Female Adapter $5.95 View Details
    Adapter with Micro USB Male on one side and MiniUSB Female on the other. Convert Micro USB port to a Mini USB port. This adapter allows you to use Mini USB accessories such as chargers and headsets with mobile device that...