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Cell Phone Cases

Cell Phone Cases, Pouches & Holders

Alternativewireless.com stocks a variety of cell phone cases, holders and pouches. Browse our selection products made for popular devices from iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Casio and others.

Style & Protection

We offer a variety of styles such as women's cases, men's cases. Designer cases by Krusell®, Dooney Bourke© and heavy duty cases like Otterbox, Rugged Equipment and Turtleback as well as other functional and protective cell phone pouches like Body Glove, Dickies and more. We also offer specialty cases like arm sleeve, waterproof and wallet cases.

Sized By Your Device's Make & Model

You can also find pouches and cases (and other products) sized by your device's make and model. Just click the link below and find your phone's manufacturer and model.

>> Shop Cases By Your Phone's Make & Model <<

Cell Phone Holders

Looking for the right cell phone holder to hold your device conveniently and securely? Shop a variety of cell phone holders. Find Bracketron, Arkon, iGrip, Clingo, Krusell and others. Shop Cell Phone Holders

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