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AdvanceCommunicator Motorola i560/670/760/850/860 Desktop HandsFree

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  • Product Description

    AdvanceCommunicator AT3054 desktop station for Motorola Nextel Falcon Series i560, i670, i760, i850, i860 and i760 iDEN. Designed to instantly convert the handsets into a convenient stand alone Base Station / Desktop Speakerphone or a Computer Controlled Communications System.

    *SHIPPING NOTE - 2-4 WEEKS - AdvanceTec Products Not In Stock Are Custom Assembled and Can Take Up To 4 Weeks To Ship. Contact Us With Any Questions.

    AdvanceTec Motorola i860, i850, i760, i670, i560 Desktop Station

    AdvanceTec AdvanceCommunicator Motorola iDen / Nextel i860, i850, i760, i670, i560

    AdvanceCommunicator Model AT3054, is a remarkable product adapted to operate with Motorola i860, i850, i760, i670, i560 Nextel Falcon Series iDEN wireless telephones. It is designed to instantly convert the Motorola i860, i850, i760, i670, i560 handsets into a convenient stand alone Base Station / Desktop Speakerphone or a Computer Controlled Communications System.

    Its unique capabilities and numerous features, make the AdvanceCommunicator a unique product without equal. The AdvanceCommunicator Model AT3054 can be used as a stand alone unit, or with the addition of an optional Data Package, it can be converted into a truly sophisticated, computer controlled communication system.

    Hands Free Communications

    Placing the Motorola i860, i850, i760, i670 or i560 into the cradle of the AdvanceCommunicator, allows the user to communicate in either Hands Free, using the Full Duplex Speakerphone Function, or with the convenience of a high quality Handset, in both Cellular or Dispatch (PTT) modes of operation. The Rapid Charging Facility of the AdvanceCommunicator, will charge the battery of the cellular telephone quickly and will maintain it charged and ready for when the phone is removed from the Base and used remotely.

    *SHIPPING NOTE - 2-4 WEEKS: Please note that AdvanceTec products not in stock can take 2-4 Weeks to Ship. Many items are custom assembled when ordered. Once we receive your order, we will contact you with an estimate of shipping date. Please feel free to Contact Us with any availability questions.

    High Gain Antenna

    A High Gain Antenna, included with the AdvanceCommunicator, provides the user increased cellular signal stength and extended coverage for reliable and clear communication. An efficient Inductive RF Design is used to couple the High Gain Antenna to the Base and to the Motorola Falcon Series Handset.

    Add an External Antenna Option

    Other external antennas, such as a Yagi, can be easily connected to the AdvanceCommunicator via its standard mini-UHF Female connector, to receive cellular signal in rural or remote areas, or in buildings where cellular signal is not able to reach the cellular Handset. The standard Audio Output Connector of the AdvanceCommunicator allows for Voice Recording of both Cellular or Dispatch (PTT) communication, via recording devices that can be connected to the Base with a stereo jack. This is ideal for Emergency Response organizations including Fire, Ambulance and Police.

    Optional Accessories

    Use the AT8401 Push to Talk Headset and AT8400 Push to Talk Foot Pedal and AdvanceCommunicator™ Software for a complete hands-free user experience.

    Optional Feature Rich Software

    An optional AdvanceTec Data Package, Part Number AT3099, converts the AdvanceCommunicator Model AT3054 into a unique communication system. Included in the Data Package is a sophisticated PC Application Software and interface cables to connect the AdvanceCommunicator to a Personal Computer. The feature rich Software, specifically designed to operate with the AdvanceCommunicator, is provided in a convenient CD for easy download and allows the user to control most functions of the cellular telephone from the computer and with a click of the mouse.

    Some of the features found in the software include:

    • Multi-Language display capability (English, Spanish, French)
    • Ability to make and receive calls in either Cellular or Dispatch (PTT) modes and Call Alerts, without touching the cellular telephone.
    • Capability to Copy and Save the Caller ID Information from the Cellular Phone to the Computer Address Book.
    • Use of the Storage Capacity available in the computer to save thousands of names and telephone numbers in the Address Book.
    • Capability to attach Photographs and assign distinctive Ringtones to individual Called IDs.
    • Activity Log Window that continuously monitors, records and saves all telephone activities for later review and reference.
    • History Record that displays all phone activities over many years.
    • Ability to receive SMS and to send to an individual or to a group of persons simultaneously.

    The benefits of the AdvanceCommunicator for the Motorola iDen i560, iDEN 670, iDEN i760, WiDEN i850 , iDEN i860, WiDEN i560, iDEN i850 (Note: i850 iDEN telephone software will not download contact infortmation to AdvanceTec Software Phone Book phone.)


    • Allows the user to make and receive calls in either Cellular or Dispatch (PTT) Modes.
    • Hands Free Operation or with a comfortable, high quality
    • HandsetRapid Charging Facility.
    • Recording Capability for both Cellular or Dispatch (PTT) calls.
    • High Gain Antenna for improved signal reception and extended cellular area coverage.
    • Data Package for interface and operation with a PC.
    • External antenna option with built-in mini-UHF female connector.

    AdvanceCommunicator™ User Manual

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