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AW 15dBi Yagi WiFi Antenna With 10ft Cable

AW 15dBi Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz N F With 10ft Cable RP-SMA Male

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Short Description

Long Range WiFi (2.4GHZ) Yagi Antenna with 10 Foot Cable (N Male / RP-SMA Female.

  • Product Description

    WiFi Yagi Antenna plus 10ft Extension Cable with RP-SMA Male. Connect Antenna to a WiFi Router, WiFi Adapter or other device that has a Reverse Polarity SMA Female connector (RP-SMA Female). Antenna is a long-range, directional antenna for indoor and outdoor use. Great for covering long, narrow areas such as hallways. Great for sending and receiving a wifi signal from one building to another. Made in the USA.

    About The WiFi Antenna

    This antenna will boost the signal to & from your WiFi Adapter, Router or Access Point. The Antenna is directional and will focus all it's gain in one direction. Perfect for sending your WiFi signal across your home, office or building to building. Send and receive signals up to 3 miles away.

    This WiFi Yagi Antenna features 14 elements instead of the single element that comes with other WiFi Yagis. It has a tuned precision stamped full length radiator and is 3 to 4 times more signal than other waveguide "cantennas". This antenna is light weight and comes with U-Bolt mounting hardware for easy installation to a post, TV antenna pole, balcony railings or pipe. It is easy to aim and lock into local area wireless network signals. It comes with a 10 inch cable with an N Female connector.


    • Ideal for home and office installations.
    • Compatible with all 802.11b/g 11/54/125 Mbps WiFi
    • Easy To Install
    • Connects To Router, WiFi Adapter With RP-SMA Female Connector
    • Speeds Up Wireless LAN Connections
    • Extends Wireless LAN from building to building
    • Find a signal from far away

    Comes With:

    • 15dBi Wifi 2.4GHz Yagi Antenna with N Female Connector
    • 10 foot LMR® 195 Cable with N Male & RP-SMA Male Connectors
    • U-Bolt Pole Mount Brackets Hardware

    This antenna includes U-Bolt mounting brackets for pole mounting.

    Antenna Specifications:

    • Frequency Range - 2390-2490MHz (2.39-2.49GHz)
    • Gain - 14.3dBi TruGain Certified
    • VSWR - 1.2:1 @ 2.45GHz<br />2:1 @ band edges
    • Beamwidth, -3dB point Azimuth, Elevation - 31 and 31 degrees
    • Cable Length, Type - 10" RG-58 Dual Shield (LMR195 Equiv)
    • Connector - N-type Female, Nickel Plated
    • Mounting - 1" to 1-1/2" vertical mast
    • Wind Rating - 90 MPH
    • Dimensions - 17.5" long. 3" diameter
    • Weight - 12 oz.

    Cable Specifications:

    • Type: LMR® 195
    • Length: 10 feet
    • Color: White
    • Connectors: N Male, Reverse Polarity SMA Male (RP-SMA Male)


    *LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems

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